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Vision Mission & Values
Vision Mission & Values
PT. Strukturindo Tifatama
Mining Services & General Contractor
Vision Mission & Values
Vision Mission & Values
PT. Strukturindo Tifatama

PT. Stukturindo Tifatama will be one of the best companies in Indonesia with emphasis on sustainable growth and the development of competencies through human resource development and good corporate governance.


Fulfill customer needs with quality services and prioritizing healthy workplace and safety. Committed to carry out continuous improvements in aspects of expertise, competence, a conducive environment, and providing extensive employment opportunities.

PT. Strukturindo Tifatama

As a concrete step in carrying out company policy, Top Management sets the following corporate objectives:

  1. Zero Accident (without loss of working hours);
  2. No Occupational Disease;
  3. No complaints of environmental pollution;
  4. Improve in services, productivity and efficiency;
  5. Compliance with legal requirements & other requirements.
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Office Address
Business City, Boutique Office Lot.12 No. 5 Kawasan Cengkareng
Jl. Atang Sanjaya No.21, Benda, Kota Tangerang, Banten
Jl. Puncak Arfak No.22 Kampung Baru, Sorong Papua Barat, Indonesia
Jl. Complex Malcon, Timika Indah Timika Papua, Indonesia