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Our Policy
Our Policy
PT. Strukturindo Tifatama
Mining Services & General Contractor
Our Policy
Our Policy

To achieve this goal top management is committed as outlined in the Company Policy as follows:

  1. Prioritize Mining Work Safety and Operational Safety in an effort to eliminate or minimize the occurrence of mining accidents. Dangerous Events, Occurrence Due to Occupational Diseases and Occupational Diseases or Outbreaks Disease.
  2. Comply with statutory regulations and other requirements related to Mining Occupational Safety and Health, Mining Operation Safety and the Environment.
  3. Providing the best service in meeting current customer needs and trying to exceed customer expectations.
  4. Conduct Occupational Health and Safety Risk Identification, Operational Safety,Environment to ensure its control effectively
  5. Carry out management of Mining Occupational Safety and Health in an effort to prevent Accidents, Dangerous Incidents, Events Due to Workforce Diseases and Occupational Diseases as well as the Transmission of Disease Outbreaks.
  6. Carry out good management of workers’ health in achieving health status high (including Work Fatigue Management, Ergonomics and Workers at Places with High Health Risks).
  7. Implement operational safety management in an effort to prevent asset damage and production cessation as well as create operational activities that are safe, efficient, effective and environmentally friendly.
  8. Increase human resource competency and improve health and safety through possible programs, so as to create safe and healthy behavior and conditions.
  9. Stop work when it is deemed that the activity can create a risk to people, the environment or assets.
  10. Involve all personnel through consultation and participation of workers in understanding responsibility, authority and accountability, to achieve company goals and targets, as well as implementing off-the-job safety.
  11. It is strictly prohibited to store, distribute, buy, sell or consume alcohol, narcotics, illegal drugs in the company’s offices and work locations. Unless the medication is prescribed for medical purposes and does not affect the person’s ability to perform their duties in a safe and productive manner.
  12. Carry out continuous evaluation and improvement of Mining Safety policies and performance so that they can continue to improve from time to time to meet developments and needs of the mining industry.

This policy statement is addressed to Management and Employees within PT. Strukturindo Tifatama and partners to be implemented consistently.

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