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PT. Buma Perindahindo
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Manpower Supply
Manpower Supply

Manpower supply

Manpower supply, also known as labor supply or workforce supply, refers to the provision of human resources, including skilled and unskilled labor, to organizations or projects to meet their staffing needs.

Manpower supply is a service that addresses the staffing needs of organizations by providing them with a flexible and often temporary workforce. This approach can help organizations manage labor costs, respond to changing demands, and access specialized skills without the long-term commitments.

PT Buma Perindahindo has more than 25 years of experience in manpower supply especially in oil and gas, which is able to provide workers who are skilled, competent, well trained in skills and HSE Awareness, all of these workers go through a strict screening process and are in accordance with oil and gas industry standards such as RO operators, WWTP operators, STP operators, Generator Operators, Heavy equipment operators, and contruction works labor.

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