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Facility Maintenance & Operations

Building & Camp Maintenance

Facility Maintenance & Operations

PT Buma Perindahindo has more than 10 years of experience in Building and camp maintenance services especially in oil and gas industy encompass a wide range of activities and tasks designed to ensure the proper functioning, safety, and aesthetics of buildings, facilities, and camp. Here are some key aspects of building and camp maintenance services:

  • Routine Maintenance such as cleaning, painting, and repairing damaged structures or equipment.
  • Electrical and Plumbing Regular checks, repairs, and upgrades may be necessary.
  • HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) Maintenance services include cleaning, filter replacement, and repairs to HVAC systems.
  • Maintaining the landscaping, lawns, gardens, and outdoor spaces is important for aesthetic appeal and safety. This involves tasks like mowing, pruning, weeding, and pest control
  • Checking and maintaining safety and security systems such as fire alarms, smoke detectors, surveillance cameras, and access control systems are crucial to protect occupants and property.
  • Renovations and Remodeling
  • Environmental Compliance
  • Emergency Repairs In the event of unexpected damage or emergencies (e.g., storm damage, plumbing leaks, electrical failures), maintenance services need to respond quickly to address the issue and minimize further damage.
    Overall, building and camp maintenance services play a crucial role in ensuring the safety, functionality, and longevity of buildings and outdoor facilities, making them comfortable and enjoyable for their intended users.

To be able to maintain a building or structures, proper planning is needed and it is carried out carefully and precisely by people who are experts in their fields. Maintenance work planning includes setting quality standards and the time period for carrying out maintenance work.

Sewage Treatment Plant & WaterTreatment Plant Operation

Facility Maintenance & Operations

PT Buma Perindahindo has more than 10 years of experience in The operation of sewage treatment plants and water treatment plants especially in oil and gas industries. this is a complex process that involves several key steps to ensure the safe and effective treatment of wastewater and the production of clean water. Below is an overview of the typical operations for both types of facilities:

A. Sewage Treatment Plants Operation:

  • Screening
  • Primary Treatment
  • Secondary Treatment
  • Tertiary Treatment
  • Sludge Treatment
  • Discharge or Reuse
  • Maintenance and Monitoring
  • Emergency Responsesuch as equipment failures or storm events, to prevent environmental damage and protect public health.

B. Water Treatment Plants Operation:

  • Coagulation and Flocculation
  • Sedimentation
  • Filtration
  • Disinfection
  • pH Adjustment
  • Storage and Distribution
  • ¬†Monitoring and Quality Control to ensure that the treated water meets regulatory standards.
  • Maintenance and Emergency Response plans are in place to address equipment failures, water quality issues, and other emergencies.

Both sewage treatment plants and water treatment plants play critical roles in public health and environmental protection. They require skilled personnel, adherence to regulatory requirements, and continuous monitoring and maintenance to operate effectively and provide safe and clean water resources.

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